How to Become a Professional Car Photographer

People who are passionate about cars and photography may dream about combining their two loves to make the perfect career. However, competition is extremely high, and getting recognised can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Getting the Gear

Before you can start promoting yourself as a car photographer you need to have the tools of the trade. It is worth doing a little research to make sure that you have the best equipment available. Although the cost of purchasing all of the equipment may be high, this is an investment in your career and with luck and determination the rewards will also be high.

Building a Portfolio

You need to create a strong and exciting portfolio that really presents your work in the best light possible and shows what you can do. Instead of simply selecting your favourite photographs, make sure that you have a collection that shows a wide range of different subject matters to show the full scope of your talent. It is a good idea to hire models from agencies to create the perfect portfolio photographs that will make editors sit up and take notice. Make sure that you upgrade your portfolio from time to time so that it contains examples of your most recent work.

Contacting Editors

Make a list of the publications where you would like your work to be seen and the contact details of their photo editors. Most editors are very busy and do not have the time or patience to read a long introductory letter explaining why they should hire you. Keep the letter as short and interesting as possible, explaining exactly why you are the ideal photographer for that specific publication. Also include a link to a website, social media page or other source where you photographs are displayed so that the editor can see if your work is suitable at a glance.

Going Freelance

Most car magazines and other platforms where you want to sell you work do not hire full time staff. Instead, they have a small pool of professional photographers that they contact when they need photographs. Going freelance can be a bit unsettling at first as you will not receive a regular salary or a real guarantee that you will get enough work. However, with a little persistence and hard work you can establish good connections with a number of editors and use your extra time to work on side projects so that you have photographs ready to show when you are contacted.